Hire us to keep your website alive and upto date!

Are you looking for web professionals to outsource your website maintenance job?

We provide the professional web maintenance service to every type of business. Like others, we don’t impose monthly predesigned plans on you. Every business website requires different level of maintenance like some business websites may require regular maintenance and some others require seldom maintenance hence we give the freedom to you to make your web maintenance plan as per your requirement and pay us only for what you required and get.

Content Management

Updating of existing information, enhancing the representation of content, making content more useful, adding new pages and links, adding news and announcements.

Multi-Media Management

Changing and replacing the existing images/videos, adding new images and videos, replacing or adding the banner and announcement on website

Technical Management

Maintaining the functionality of the website, keeping website free from malware and virus, keeping website in line with the prevailing technology.

SEO Management

Updating or changing the structure of the website to meet the SEO standards, keeping website in line with the SEO trends.

Social Media Management

Integrating social media to website, providing user an interface to connect with your social media updates on website itself.

Useful Tools Integration

Updating the existing features and Integrating useful features and tool to engage your visitor e.g. quick contact form, recommendation tool etc.